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Polercise L’Derry only offer themed dance parties such as pole, burlesque, cheer leading, Beyonce, Grease, Dirty Dancing etc & Life Drawing Parties at this venue!
Anyone interested in classes, 121’s and 8 week courses for Pole Fit should contact Ilico Studios on 028 7132 9922, who offer these services.
Anyone interested in themed dance party’s or life drawing class for Birthdays, Hens etc can still book with us

Please visit our payments page to select and book courses you wish to attend.


NEW - Life Drawing Party's

Burlesque Party

Hen Party Life Drawing Classes are designed specifically for you to have a bit of fun, a little cheeky for your hen party - Book a trained artist and model for your hen party for you & your friends to attempt to capture the chisels, curves and contours of a specially selected male model. Our life drawing parties are truly wonderful and such good fun and you learn to draw – well, a bit!

The drill ...... The session will last approx 1 1/2 hours, includes a champagne reception, nibbles & artistic based party games where the workshop leader will give you helpful hints & tips to make your session fun! Don’t worry if you can’t draw, It's not about producing the best drawing. It's about enjoying yourselves doing something different. If you feel you can’t draw the complete figure; then just draw your favourites bit and see the look on the other faces, when you show them your masterpiece.

We work on the assumption that most hens can't draw and base the session at a beginner's level, so that you feel comfortable. Your model will enter, the session is explained, you'll be taken through a range of drawing exercises while your model adopts different poses.

At the end, you will judge the best drawing and take some group photos and Hens get to take their drawings home. Party's are £25 pp - Min booking 10

Mix and Match

A Party group

If it's not fitness your after but a fun ultimate girly night out what better way to start of the evening!!

Parties last approx 1 1/2 hours to include:

  • wine reception and nibbles
  • Either party games along with pole (pole tricks, pole routine, demo form instructor) or Chair routine along with pole. You must inform at time of booking which you prefer.

Burlesque party

Burlesque Party

Why not book a for your birthday or a hen do?

Note: There will be no nudity and our classes are suitable for all women.

Our parties last for one and a half hours and include:

  • A wine reception with nibbles
  • Lessons in how to pose and move like a burlesquer
  • A routine which will involve glove peeling OR basic chair dance techniques


Cheerleading party

A cheerleading party is the perfect way to celebrate a hen do. Experience your own high energy, fun filled cheerleading session. We've developed our package to come up with a cheerleading party that's filled with fun and laughs, great memories and some fantastic photo opportunities.

The party will last approx 1 and a half hours to include:

  • A wine reception and nibbles
  • Our professional choreographer will get you warmed up and take you through some combinations.
  • taught a personalized hen party team chant for the bride which you can later embarrass her with by screaming loudly down the street as you leave or the next bar you intend to hit
  • By the end on you will have a pom pom dance routine then it's off to the bars and clubs to show off your new moves on the dance floor

Pom poms are provided for use throughout the party. It is suggested you bring a change of clothes or dress for the occasion in your leg warmers, hot pants and tops

Zumba Pary

Zumba party

Zumba® is a latin inspired, easy-to-follow,calorie burning dance -fitness partyTM

Zumba® is taking the world by storm as the hottest new way to stay in shape, dancing to latin inspired and easy to follow dance steps.

Durning your party session we concentrate on floor filling tracks that really get the party going. Adding in live percussion with our fabulous crew of Zumba® instructors means all our parties have an electric atmosphere.


£20 per head; £15 for existing students

Male exotic dancer can be ordered in (additional £70)


Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings

Other requests or times will depend on the availability of the studio.

If you have any inquires or would like to book a party do not hesitate to Contact us. Alternatively, you can reach us on the following numbers:

Belfast 07727224095

Derry 07745677041


El Fegan - Owner/ Instructor

Cheerleading party
  • When did you first join Pole? I first came across pole in Austrila 2004 at Bobbys Pole Studio. On arriving home, I set up Polercise the following year in October 2005, being the first purpose built pole dance studio in Ireland.
  • Do you have any other exercise background? I played team sports for local clubs for many years, as well as taking part in Coaching NI fitness. I have my NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Pole Dance Exercise, CNI Fitness Instructors award and OCR ETM. My training is on going as I take part in workshops with various schools in England regularly.
  • What's your favourite move? Vertical Lie
  • What do you love most about Polercise? I believe Polercise is the most enjoyable sort of exercise you could do, giving you an overall body workout. It helps develop your self confidence, and from an instructors perspective, I can really see the development of students when doing this sport.



Cheerleading party
  • When did you first join Pole? May 2010
  • Do you have any other exercise background? Taibo
  • What's your favourite move? Pole cat (it's not the hardest but looks really nice)
  • What do you love most about Polercise? Learning something new and different every week and the social aspect.
  • Why would you recommend Polercise? It's great fun, learning new skills, I never get bored of it like I have with other forms of exercise, and I have made so many friends.


Cheerleading party
  • When did you first join Pole? I joined Polercise in May 2010 after trying a taster session.
  • Do you have any other exercise background? Bouncing about like an idiot in front of my Xbox when playing Dance Central, Fitness Evolved or Kinect Sports. It definitely gives you a workout!
  • What's your favourite move? Probably the Scorpio. It looks really nice but I'm still trying to perfect it.
  • What do you love most about Polercise? There are so many things I love about Polercise that I couldn't name them all. As well as getting fit, I have more confidence given that I'm a bit of a geek. I love the social aspect too and find that all the girls are really friendly. No matter what level they are at, there is always someone to help you along whether it's an instructor or another student. In fact I am now so addicted to it I have 2 poles at home.
  • Why would you recommend Polercise? It's a really good way to get fit and build strength while having fun at the same time. There is a great sense of achievement when you learn a new move and no matter how bad a day I've had, I always feel great after class.


Cheerleading party
  • When did you first join Pole? October 2010
  • Do you have any other exercise background? I've grown up doing gymnastics, ballet and every other dance class I came across so pole was something I'd been wanting to try for ages.
  • What's your favourite move? My new favourite move is the pole cat ... Yet to be mastered!
  • What do you love most about Polercise? I love polercise because Its a fun way to get fit in a relaxed environment plus I'm learning a valuable skill
  • Why would you recommend Polercise? I would recommend it to anyone who can't face another minute on a boring treadmill.


Cheerleading party
  • When did you first join Pole? January 2011
  • Do you have any other exercise background? I go to the gym twice a week on top of pole class
  • What's your favourite move? My favourite move at the minute is pole cat and hanging upside down.
  • What do you love most about Polercise? I love Polercise as it's something different to do and is really toning me up. Classes are great fun!
  • Why would you recommend Polercise? I would recommend Polercise as you meet new people, keep fit, have a great laugh and my boyfriend loves it!

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COVID-19 Notice

We are very excited to welcome you back to Polercise. Before you attend class, we want to make sure you understand that in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic we have changed a number of policies and procedures at the studio.