To join our group fitness classes, view our current schedule, download & register via the gymcatch app, link or booking buttons Below


For personal or small group (up to 3 people) Private Training please click on your preferred INSTRUCTOR PROFILE and connect with them via Insta to enquire about their available dates & rates. 


For those new to pole, you have 2 options;

Attend a 1 off Intro to Pole classes to see if Pole is for you before committing to the 8 week Level 1 course for beginners. Into to Pole classes will be held once every 6 weeks. Add yourself to the waiting list.


Book straight on to our Level 1 course

To book on to a course you must do so via ‘available courses’ on the Polercise gymcatch home page. There you will find the available options for Level 1. Please make sure you book on to the correct term marked * with the most recent month. Courses start every 8 weeks so make sure you are booking in to the beginning of a new course and not half way through.

For those with experience in pole, please see course / class description to determine which level you should attend. You can book a course at the beginning of a new term OR you can join in any time with our pay-go option.