We are delighted you have decided to perform at our Christmas Charity Showcase on Saturday 2nd of December 2023!

You can perform using any style that you like. Pole Dance, Comedy, Classique, Burlesque, Chair Dance, Aerial Hoop, anything you want!

We require as much info as possible from you in your application, any blank sections or incomplete information will result in your application form being sent back to you.

It is important you read through the T&Cs put together for you, to enable us to give you the best experience possible.

Terms and Conditions:

Places in this showcase will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. We will try accommodate as many as possible but would like to cap it at a maximum of 15.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you change your mind or need to pull out of the showcase, please inform us asap.

There will be a door charge of £10 on the evening to raise money for the chosen charity, Women’s aid. This will include a glass or 3 of mulled wine or bubbly reception. Spectators are welcome to B.Y.O.

This showcase will be free to enter. Performers wishing to get in additional practice at the studio can purchase a special practice session bundle via the Gymcatch app.

There are no restrictions on what you want to wear. If you are wearing glitter, please put it on before you leave your house. It is advised to have your hair and make-up done before you arrive!

Photography and filming:
We may have a professional photographer present and the showcase might be filmed to make a summery showreel which will be free to performers. Don’t feel nervous about them being there, just focus on the audience. You CAN ask your friend to record your performance, another recommended focal point.

Pole position:
The 2 poles at the front of the studio will be used for the showcase. Looking from the audience (who will be sat at the back) the pole on the right will be on spin.

Pole cleaners:
The poles will be cleaned between each and every performance.


6:00pm – Your arrival
You will be allowed to access studio 1 from 6:00pm. Please give yourself plenty of time to get here so that you can get a bearing of the stage layout and more importantly have a few minutes to chill out. Store your personal belongings in studio 2 but not your valuables (mobile, money), keep them on you.
Friends cannot enter the studio before doors open at 7:00pm. They are welcome to sit in the waiting area or across in Mavricks. The studio is needed privately for performers to prepare themselves at this time.

6:30pm – 6:45pm: Performers meeting
We will have a very short meeting with to check that we have all of your info correct (ie: your music, cues, prop requirements if any. We want to ensure you look and feel good for your performance.

7:00pm: Doors open
Guests can enter the studio at this time. By this stage personal belongings (excluding valuables) should be stored in studio 2 to avoid them getting damaged or going missing.

The showcase is a safe space for guests and you the performers: Performers most only invite close friends & or family and those who can handle their drink! Guests can B.Y.O but please explain to them that this is not a party, it’s a show, respect is expected. Anyone who gets too drunk or behaves inappropriately towards performers or anyone else will be removed from the building.

7:30pm – Showcase starts
There will be printed running orders placed throughout the studio. Be physically prepared & know when you are due on, who is before you etc, we won’t be chasing after you. Warm up in studio 2, we suggest minimum 15 mins before your performance.
Before your performance, our host will read the bio/info that you send in your application form. During this time poles will be cleaned. Once the host as finished reading your intro you can proceed to position.

10pm – End of Showcase:
We will hopefully finish well before 10pm. Please hang on to the end for a group photo.

Any questions you have or anything you need from me to help make your performance the best that it can be, just ask!

Wanna perform? Fill in your submission form below!