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Welcome to our quest to find 30 people involved in pole fitness to scale Africa’s highest mountain for charity. The pole industry has never undertaken such a huge task, both mentally and physically, raising over £30,000 for charity. 3-13th March 2012 will see people from around the world pole dance on the peak of Kilimanjaro so chalk this one off your bucket list and join us!

The trip was inspired by and will be supporting Debbie Plowman, who tragically fell from the pole and is now paralysed from the neck down, is unable to breath on her own, can not speak and has two children aged 2 and 5. It is some thing very close to home and could have happened to any one of us which make supporting this cause so much more worth while.

We decided that after many years of supporting different charities that were happy to take our money but were not happy to be associated to pole, we have created our own charity, The Pole Sport Benevolent Fund endorsed and supported by the International Pole Sport Federation will give pole dancers the opportunity to apply for grants in times of need and for worth while causes.

So please fill out an application form today or donate…..

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