The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships is Irelands longest established pole dance competition. This highly prestigious event attracts both professional & amateur pole dancers from all over Ireland competing for "The All Ireland Pole Dance Champion” title

These elite athletes will demonstrate through a choreographed routine, the strength and agility that Pole Dance now represents in the field of sporting entertainment.

Guest performances of Pole, Burlesque & Aerial Acts on the night!

Be sure to check out our Facebook group for up to date information and galleries of previous events.


Video entries will open April 1st and close April 29th 2018

Categories; Professional Solo Females, Males, Over 40s, Doubles, Amateur & juniors

Stage 1 - Video entry
You are invited to submit a video entry (minimum 2 mins; maxium 3 mins) along with your application form to Closing date for videos will be April 29th 2018

Stage 2 - Finals
The top 5 from each category will go through to the final - if 1 category is not filled extra places will be open for the female professional solo.

Not only do you win the prestigious title of The All Ireand Pole Dance Champion, crown, sash, trophy, and some of excellent prizes from our lovely sponsors, the winners from each category will also be automatically offered a place in the preliminaries of the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2018 to represent The All Ireland.

Click here for Application form and Competition Rules for TAIPDC

Completed applications forms and link to your video to be emailed to, £20 entry fee via paypal to

Unsuccessful applicants will automatically get a spectator pass to the event

2018 Finalists

Congratulations to the successful finalists below!

  • Edwina McNally
  • Gemma Cheung
  • Kaya Coey
  • Lisa Morrison
  • Zoloo Ruby
  • Kathleen Chan
  • Milda Porutyte
  • Laura Connolly
    Over 40s
  • Alex Bassa
  • Hazel Scorer
  • Deirdre Cairns
  • Patricia Taylor
  • Magz O’Neill
    Male Solo
  • Isaac John
  • Craig Murphy
  • Gary Cairns
  • Tamas Sessler
  • Stephen McMahon
  • Adain Cairns
  • Mairtin Hamilton & Kirsten Rock
  • Dawn & Naomi Walsh
  • Kelly & Thomasina
  • Seanin & Rachel
    Female Solo
  • Laura McGivern
  • Nikki Wallace
  • Ann Devlin
  • Thomasina Hagan
  • Sandra Vel
  • Ania Vinogradova
  • Erin O'Brien
  • Jenni Barr
  • Lisa Byrne
  • Jenny Schmiedel
  • Naomi Wilson
The Event

This years event takes place on Saturday 22nd September 2018 at Elmwood Hall, Queens University, Belfast.

Summary of Details

Date: Saturday 22nd September 2018
Venue: Elmwood Hall, Queens University, Belfast
Doors open 6.30pm. Competition starts 7pm

Select Ticket (4% surcharge incl)

On purchasing your ticket(s) you will receive an email response asking you to confirm the name(s) for the door list. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours please get in touch. You will be required to bring proof of purchase on the night.

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We would like to help business boost their presence within the pole community here in Ireland by giving affordable opportunities to publicise their brand, to showcase, sell and promote their business products and services.

This year we expect 600 spectators and 35 competitors alone at TAIPDC.

You can now get a vendor space for as little as £100 & Sponsorship opportunities from £40, with our EARLY BIRD OFFER, available until 31st July.

Space is limited to 10 Vendor spaces and 2 demonstration spaces for those with poles/equipment, so it is advised to get in touch with us via the contact us page as soon as possible if you would like to get involved.

Current Sponsors

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Results 2015
    Female Solo
  • Leanne Cummins
  • Linzi Thompson
  • Sarah O'Reilly
  • Dawid Skowronek
  • Michael Donohue
  • Gary Cairns
  • Seanin Ward & Emma WhiteSimmons
  • Nikki Sterritt & Ciera Freeburn
  • Amanda Moose & Carly Magill
    Over 40s
  • Susan Nolan
  • Deirdre Cairns
  • Magz O'Neill
  • Laura Hatchell
  • Leah Aftab
  • Ella Lockhart
Results 2016
  • Haelee Reis
  • Alexandra Basa
  • Sarah O'reilly
  • Adain cairns
  • Gary cairns
  • Liam O'Neill
  • Dawn & Naomi Walsh
  • Gary cairns & Kelly O'Neill
  • Carly Magill & Hanna radzey
    Over 40
  • Deirdre cairns
  • Hazel scorer
  • Mich piazza
  • Lauren Hamilton
  • Ania Vinogardoina
  • Saruul Altantuya
Results 2017
  • Tanya Cheung
  • Saru A Tuya
  • Haelee Reis
  • Steven Dyer
  • Adain Cairns
  • Tamas Sessler
  • Jennifer Harland & Lauren Hamilton
  • Dawn Walsh & Naomi Walsh
  • Emily Strudley & Rebecca McWhinney
    Over 40
  • Alex Basa
  • Mich Piazza
  • Joint Lorna King & Deirdre Carins
  • Leigh Lowry
  • Jenny Schmiedel
  • Thomasina Hagan
Results 2018
    Female Solo
  • Sonny B Doyle
  • Sandra Velickaite
  • Nikki Noire
  • Gary Cairns
  • Isaac John
  • Dawn Walsh & Naomi Walsh
  • Thomasina Hagan & Kelly O'Neill
    Over 40s
  • Alex Basa
  • Deirdre Cairns
  • Patrica Taylor
  • Kathleenkitty Chan
  • Gemma Cheung
  • Edwina Elizabeth
Judging Criteria
  • Technical (Max 20)
  • Routine – range of tricks, transitions and floor moves
  • Technical Ability of Tricks – difficulty and control of tricks performed
  • Artistic (Max 20)
  • Musicality, timing and flow– Musical interpretation, rhythm and flow of routine throughout.
  • Presentation (Max 10)
  • Personality – the manner, enthusiasm and general character of the participant
  • Presence – how they engage the audience and judges
  • Originality – level of individuality compared to other participants
  • Costume – look and suitability of the outfit with routine

2018 Judges - TBC